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Computation and theory news, August 2021

Researchers have developed a new high-speed spectroscopy technique for observing the structure and composition of materials, including exotic matter.

Using kirigami, researchers have designed reconfigurable building blocks that can serve as basic units for constructing complex 3D structures.

By using iridium as a metal tracer, researchers have developed a novel method for determining the structure of polynuclear coordination compounds.

A novel quantum crystal comprising 150 beryllium ions can measure electric fields with record sensitivity, potentially allowing it to detect dark matter.

Researchers have investigated whether ion adsorption in a layered material called birnessite occurs via a faradaic or non-faradaic mechanism.

Researchers have developed a simplified mathematical model of a complex phenomenon in crack propagation known as the velocity jump.

Discovery of New Nonlinear Optical Materials

A coating could help prevent the solid-electrolyte interphase from forming pockets that disrupt electron pathways in silicon-wire lithium-ion batteries.

Using machine learning, researchers have identified important features for characterizing materials that exhibit a metal-insulator transition.

Making self-adjusting materials systems with standard 3D printers

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