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Computation and theory news, June 2022

Researchers have derived governing equations that describe and explain why adding liquid inclusions to elastomers gives them novel properties.

Taking steps towards new carbon structures

well-ordered novel carbon nanostructures such as nanowalls can be grown by electrodeposition from molten salts

electrochemical modification of carbon fibers makes polymer composites tougher

Researchers have shown that machine learing can automatically process the diffraction patterns produced by analyzing suface superstructures on silicon.

Unique properties of 2D materials stressed by contoured substrates

Using computer modelling, researchers have predicted the existence of a new layered form of carbon they call 'amorphous graphite'.

A new theory proves that local equilibriums can exist at the interface between systems that are out of equilibrium.

Scientists used sophisticated molecular dynamics simulations to better understand the unusual properties of amorphous materials such as glass.

Using computational and experimental methods, researchers have compared the superconducting properties of layered nickelates and cuprates.

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