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Computation and theory news, July 2022

Researchers have shown that depositing a layer of buckyballs onto a gold surface does not turn it into an artificial version of graphene.

Novel polymer offers fully recyclable future

Researchers have developed a polymer that can be tailored for different uses and recycled back into its component monomers efficiently and indefinitely.

Researchers have used supercomputer simulations to discover new high-entropy alloys and determine their properties.

comfortable and form-fitting smart textiles from pressure sensors

one-step chemical vapor deposition synthesis produces regular arrays of single-crystal MoTe2 nanoribbons on SiO2/Si

Using quantum mechanical models, researchers have more accurately predicted how amorphous carbon conducts electricity and absorbs light.

Using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and computer simulations, researchers have studied the local structure of a model high-entropy alloy.

For the first time, researchers have measured the migration of carbon atoms over the surface of the two-dimensional material graphene.

novel, two-dimensional, single-crystalline ‘holey’ graphyne synthesized in a bottom-up approach

Using computer modeling, researchers hev shown that 2D polymer sheets can rise and rotate in spiral helices without the application of external power.

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Scientists have uncovered the mechanisms that cause a mixture of cornstarch and water known as ‘oobleck’ to switch between a liquid and a solid.


Researchers have developed a new polymer composite that can change its behavior depending on temperature to perform specific tasks.

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Using algae as a building material.