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Computation and theory news, January 2023

Using an atomic force microscope, researchers have been able to determine the distribution of potassium ions on the surface of mica.

First detection of excitons in a topological insulator

Breakthrough in light-driven microelectronic devices

Researchers used a novel artificial intelligence technique to discover three new nanostructures, including a first-of-its-kind nanoscale ‘ladder'.

Researchers have developed a new method for detecting the exact moment when a defect known as a keyhole forms in printed metal parts.

Adding more charge-accepting ligands to the surface of semiconducting nanocrystals can produce interactions that reduce the rate of electron transfer.

Researchers have discovered that electrons play a surprising role in how energy is transferred between layers of 2D semiconductor materials.

A combination of high-powered electron microscopy and computational modeling has revealed what occurs when lithium-ion batteries degrade.

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