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Computation and theory news, May 2023

autonomous, self-powered mechanical metamaterials perform basic computation

Using computer simulations, researchers have shown that bipyramid nanoparticles can form clathrate structures with gaps for guest molecules.

Researchers have discovered that a candidate solid electrolyte material known as argyrodite has a hybrid crystalline-liquid atomic structure.

Researchers used artificial intelligence to identify novel 2D transition metal halide materials with large magnetic moments.

Stabilization by electron-accepting boron compounds helps structural analysis of anionic Pt(0) complexes

Using computer modeling, researchers have discovered that stacked pancakes of liquid magnetism can arise in layered helical magnets.

Using a unique form of X-ray imaging, researchers have managed to identify transient crystal defects in the cathode of a sodium-ion battery.

A novel machine-learning method can detect internal structures, voids and cracks inside a material by utilizing data about the material’s surface.

Researchers have discovered that vibrations at the electrolyte-electrode interface in solid-state batteries can cause lithium ions to move slowly.

A new scientific tool called Polybot combines artificial intelligence with robotics to discover novel electronic polymer materials.

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