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Computation and theory news, June 2023

By adding a very thin layer of insulating material, researchers have developed a source-gated transistor that is more stable with temperature.

By stacking and twisting bilayers of a 2D magnet, researchers have shown they can produce tunable moiré magnetism.

Researchers have developed a database for exploring the relationships between the structures and properties of transition metal dichalcogenides.

By utilizing a clear-zone assay, researchers have developed a novel dataset to help determine whether or not a polymer is biodegradable.

Charge-trapping in-memory sensor for next generation of applications

Using computational modeling, researchers have shown that new a design for 2D transition metal dichalcogenide solar cells could double their efficiency.

Using near-infrared light, researchers have darkened and brightened lanthanide-doped nanoparticles over 1000 times with no degradation.

Researchers have developed a low-cost cobalt-based catalyst for use in an electrolyzer that produces hydrogen from water.

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