In March 2018, Materials Today hosted a webinar titled ‘Harnessing the Potential of Open Data in Materials Science’ with Professor Kristin Persson of the Materials Project, Dr Luca Ghiringhelli of the NOMAD and Dr Anita de Waard from Elsevier. The webinar aimed to help attendees:

  • Learn the potential benefits of sharing data in materials science
  • Learn how to use tools to detect unseen patterns or structures in data and predict materials properties
  • Understand how large publicly funded initiatives are democratizing data in materials science and how you can use them

The on-demand version of the webinar can be found online, here.

As follow up from the webinar we are hosting a Mendeley Group for further discussion on the topics the webinar covered. The dedicated discussion and provision of links to resources and research papers will run through August 2018, but there are opportunities to continue this throughout the year.

To join the Mendeley Group and discuss with peers and representatives from the groups at the webinar, please join the group by following this link ( and click “Join”. (You will need to create a Mendeley profile is you don’t have one already – it’s free and easy to do).

We look forward to you joining the discussion.