More than 1000 participants are expected to attend the IYCr2014 Opening Ceremony, including Ambassadors and representatives of governments of member countries to UNESCO, as well as crystallographers from all over the world and delegations from other international scientific and educational societies. The venue is the main UNESCO Building in Place de Fontenoy, in Paris. The lecture theatre is the prestigious Hall 1, where the General Conferences of UNESCO are commonly held.

The programme will celebrate crystallography and the great advances in science arising from the discovery of X-ray diffraction by crystals a century ago. This discovery has had an enormous impact on our deeper understanding of the structure and properties of matter and of the functionality of materials and molecular entities of all dimensions. Evidence for this can be found in a host of well-recognized novel findings.

Furthermore, the IYCr2014 Opening Ceremony will stress the importance of cooperation among countries and will aim to use science to bring nations together and ignite new collaborations, in particular South-South and North-South. Increasingly, nations need to understand the importance of investing in science generally, and in crystallography in particular. Opening access to knowledge and technology in all parts of the world is the key for the fruitful development of science and is the main objective of IYCr2014.

Participation in this event will allow your company/institution to reach and make contact with a broad audience. You will also have the opportunity to take part in open discussions with policy makers, science administrators and scientists about future developments of crystallography across the globe, and to gain insights into possible future developments in the most active markets.

Your generous contribution will allow students and young researchers from the most disadvantaged countries to participate in the educational programmes that the IUCr and UNESCO are setting up for IYCr2014 and which will be released soon.

Maximum visibility will be guaranteed to all supporting sponsors: your company logo will appear on the Programme Book distributed to all participants and through the website, on posters, web pages and all materials related to the IYCr2014 Opening Ceremony. Further visibility will be provided by live streaming of the event, which will be advertised through many channels. There will also be an exhibition about crystallography open to the public in the foyer of the UNESCO Building, which will attract many more people to the same venue where the ceremony is held.

If you are interested in participating in the IYCr2014 Opening Ceremony and wish to book any of the items listed below or receive further information about individual items, please contact Michele Zema,