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Crystalline materials news, November 2021

Removing tiny irregularities in local densities can help prevent the atomic 'avalanches' that cause glassy materials to transform into crystal.

Researchers have managed to observe temperature-driven spatial changes of magnetic domains in a Mott insulator at atomic scales.

Researchers have developed a method for calculating the wavefunctions of electrons in a material from physical measurements.

Researchers have shown that placing the 2D material tungsten diselenide between 'mirrors' can cause it to emit laser-like light at room temperature.

An exploration of the amazing world of surface science.

Researchers have found a way to create and stabilize so-called 'blue phase liquid crystals', which can be switched on and off incredibly quickly.

Researchers have developed a printable, flexible LED by embedding inorganic perovskite crystals in an organic, polymer matrix.

Researchers have shown that the 2D material black phosphorus can control the polarization of light more precisely than ever before.

Researchers have uncovered the first evidence that electrons in a superconductor can condense into foursomes that break time-reversal symmetry.

Using X-ray light and laser light, a new analytical instrument can probe a perovskite’s crystal structure and optical properties as it is synthesized.

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