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Crystalline materials news, May 2022

New study takes aim at stronger metals

By firing microscopic particles at a surface, researchers have been able to study how the tiny crystalline grains in solid metals form at the nanoscale.

Researchers have shown that knot theory can be used to understand the behavior of electrons in quantum materials such as topological magnets.

Using multiple supercomputers, researchers have discovered that 90% of all known crystalline structures contain at least one topological property.

Researchers used computational models to understand how tungsten oxide catalysts interact with hydrogen at the molecular level.

Researchers have shown that nanowires made from a specific isotope of silicon can conduct heat 150% more efficiently than normal silicon nanowires.

Researchers have developed a method for simultaneously synthesizing and analyzing novel materials under very high compression pressures.

Computational detective work by a team of researchers has confirmed that cerium zirconium pyrochlore is a 3D quantum spin liquid.

Researchers have uncovered the previously hidden sub-nanoscale origins of the exceptional thermoelectric properties of silver gallium telluride.

Researchers have discovered a novel strategy for using an antiferromagnet to switch the magnetization in thin layers of a ferromagnet.

Researchers have discovered layered 2D materials able to host magnetic features called skyrmions that remain stable at room temperature.

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