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Crystalline materials news, July 2022

Novel crystal puts greenhouse gas in a bind

Researchers have deveoped crystalline materials that can selectively bind with the greenhouse gases known as per- or polyfluorinated hydrocarbons.

Electrons and holes both move fast in cubic boron arsenide

Researchers have experimentally confirmed that a cubic boron arsenide crystal offers high carrier mobility for both electrons and holes.

one-step chemical vapor deposition synthesis produces regular arrays of single-crystal MoTe2 nanoribbons on SiO2/Si

energy-saving, green gas separation process uses boron nitride (BN) powers and ball milling

Researchers have demonstrated a new platform for guiding compressed light waves in very thin van der Waals crystals.

Understanding how nanoparticles protect stone

Using characterization techniques, researchers have investigated the crystallization process that allows nanoparticles to protect historic buildings.

Researchers have discovered the importance of a quantum phase transition known as the Anderson transition to thermoelectric materials.

Using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and computer simulations, researchers have studied the local structure of a model high-entropy alloy.

For the first time, researchers have measured the migration of carbon atoms over the surface of the two-dimensional material graphene.

novel, two-dimensional, single-crystalline ‘holey’ graphyne synthesized in a bottom-up approach

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