Thank you for taking part in the survey.

Elsevier has long been supportive of researchers who wish to share their research data and we are continually working on ways to meet their data-related needs, while ensuring that they get credit for aspects of their work that are usually overlooked such as developing and sharing codes or methods.

Read more some of our initiatives below, as well as other data related projects:

  • iPlots allows for direct access to the values of data points from graphs within articles;
  • Open Data makes supplementary content available to all and allows for re-use under a Creative Common CC-BY license. Similarly to all supplementary content, this content is submitted alongside an article and is hence checked by editors and referees;
  • Data in Brief is a new Open Access journal, publishing data articles that  describe one or more data sets underpinning the study reported in linked journals.. By providing valuable context and metadata, these data articles facilitate data sharing and re-use.

Follow the link below to download results from our 2012 Data Survey.

Download the Materials Today 2012 data survey results