The UK solar power industry saw a major milestone recently, the industry celebrated installing its 500,000th solar panel on homes in the UK.  Pass down almost any street in the UK and you will see solar panels on the roofs of some of the homes and businesses. The solar power industry after a slow start is gathering pace, not only in the UK but across Europe and the rest of the world. Even though the figure of half a million solar panel installations is excellent for the sector, it is still unclear if they can install another half a million in the UK to meet targets for the industry by 2015.

The solar trade association (STA) are positive about the results and feel the public are getting behind this promising renewable energy source, more so than for example wind energy. The STA began life in 1978 and is the primary voice for all solar related issues in the UK, with a diverse range of members the STA lobby on behalf of all sectors within the industry from installers through to distributors, suppliers and manufacturers.

Many UK households and industries are turning to solar particularly since the generous feed-in tariffs are cutting fuel bills quite dramatically. Initial outlay for the photovoltaic cells is still high, so limiting the viability for many, however once they are installed, energy generated that is in excess to your needs can be sold back to your energy provider, thus making a saving for you. Breakeven, even with these generous feed-in tariffs can be ten years plus.

The industry still has a long way to go and improved incentives for users to embrace the technology are clearly still necessary, but this landmark installation data is certainly a step in the right direction.