The unparalleled variety of physical properties exhibited by oxides holds tremendous promise for electronic applications, especially when a combination of properties in a single device is desired.  The drive for new or enhanced properties, however, goes beyond known bulk materials and includes interfaces and superlattice phases with built-in useful phenomena.  The International Workshop on Oxide Electronics series has become an important venue to discuss recent advances and emerging trends in this developing field.  The aim of the workshop is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers—theorists as well as experimentalists—on the design, synthesis, processing, characterization, and applications of (epitaxial) functional oxide materials.  Results of fundamental scientific importance as well as studies revealing the technological potential of functional oxide thin films to create devices with enhanced performance will be showcased.

We encourage you to take part in the 21st International Workshop on Oxide Electronics and immerse yourself in 2-1/2 days of non-stop oxide electronics euphoria,

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