Following the long history and continuity of the International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems the conference in Grenoble will cover a wide range of subjects in the diverse field of strongly correlated electron systems. SCES emphasizes the fundamental physics of strongly correlated electron systems that span from bulk materials including f-electron based heavy fermions, d-electron based compounds, and organic materials to artificial materials such as nanoscale structures as well as cold atoms in optical lattices. 

The main topics that will be featured in SCES 2014 are listed below:

  • Heavy fermion physics (including valence and/or charge fluctuations)
  • Quantum phase transitions and quantum criticality
  • Non-Fermi liquid phenomena
  • Unconventional superconductivity
  • Kondo physics in bulk materials and nanoscale structures
  • Metal-insulator transitions
  • Quantum magnetism and physics of frustration
  • Ferroics and multiferroics
  • Correlated atoms in optical lattices
  • Topological aspects of strongly correlated systems
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