WCSM-2015 with the Theme of “Co-creating Dream of Smartness” will be held at Busan, Republic of Korea during March 23-25, 2015. It is intended to provide a platform for professionals around the world to exchange state-of-the-art research and development and identify research needs and opportunities in this emerging field. And it is the Asian Branch of WCAM (World Congress of Advanced Materials).

Smart materials are one of the most important researching directions in development of High-tech new materials. Their properties can react to reversible changes in their environment by an external condition. Smart materials help in removing the boundaries between structural and functional materials, which may result in significant revolution in materials science development. Based on its significance, WCSM will bring about enormous benefits as well as open up a new and broader pathway for information and experience exchange all over the world.
The 1st WCSM-2015 plans to shoot for 200+ oral presentations in breaking research of Smart Materials Science and Technologies, Properties Characterization of Smart Materials, Piezoelectric Materials, Magnetostrictive Materials & Electrostrictive Materials, Smart Fluid, Hydrogels and Phase Change Materials, Shape-Memory Alloys & Shape-Memory Polymers, Luminescent, Chromogenic Smart Materials, Smart Biomaterials, Smart Nanomaterials, other Smart Materials and Industrial Symposia. More than 300 world-renowned experts, academicians, senior scientists, industry executives and project leaders from 50+ countries will get together to address the topics, issues, best practices and trends necessary to make the right decisions to guide their business strategies, and future science and technology direction.

Based on the huge success of last event of WCAM-2014, we are strongly confident WCSM-2015 will be a great success and meet our expectations.

Highlights of the WCSM-2015

  • 200+ Oral Presentations Covering the Hot Topics and Cutting-edge Technology in the Whole Field of Smart Materials
  • 50+ Exhibitors Showcasing the Emerging New Products and Technologies to an Audience of over 300 People
  • 100+ Posters Demonstrating
  • Cutting-edge Keynote Addresses by Prominent Leaders from All over the World
  • Creating a Harmonious Environment for Project Matchmaking and Promotion
  • Opportunities to Visit Korean Natural and Cultural Landscape