Electronic properties news, January 2021

Researchers have observed metallic line defects in a perovskite crystal, which offer a novel way to create materials that are transparent and conductive.

By combining low-fidelity and high-fidelity data, researchers have developed a new machine-learning method to predict the properties of materials.

nanometer thin layers of ZnO on SiO2 show record levels of piezoelectricity

Using DNA origami and niobium nitride, researchers have produced superconducting nanostructures for use in nanoelectronic circuits.

Physicists have observed quantum oscillations, which are normally only found in metals, in a 2D insulator made from tungsten ditelluride.

Biosensing platform detects Covid-19 antibodies in seconds

Researchers have discovered that antioxidants can help prevent the damage to conducting polymers caused by transmission electron microscopy.

For the first time, researchers have created a higher-order topological insulator by stacking 2D crystals of bismuth in a specific arrangement.

Researchers have uncovered topological properties in cobalt disulfide that could allow this magnetic material to be used for spintronics applications.

Controlling the interlayer twist angle in 2D materials

Self-repairing gelatin-based film that can repair itself multiple times

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