Electronic properties news, July 2022

Researchers have shown that depositing a layer of buckyballs onto a gold surface does not turn it into an artificial version of graphene.

Electrons and holes both move fast in cubic boron arsenide

Researchers have experimentally confirmed that a cubic boron arsenide crystal offers high carrier mobility for both electrons and holes.

Researchers have developed a method for synthesizing 2D materials known as heterolayer coordination nanosheets between two liquids.

comfortable and form-fitting smart textiles from pressure sensors

one-step chemical vapor deposition synthesis produces regular arrays of single-crystal MoTe2 nanoribbons on SiO2/Si

Researchers have developed a method for the large-scale manufacture of highly efficient and semi-transparent solar cells.

Using quantum mechanical models, researchers have more accurately predicted how amorphous carbon conducts electricity and absorbs light.

energy-saving, green gas separation process uses boron nitride (BN) powers and ball milling

New material makes artificial muscles that are stronger and more flexible than their biological counterparts

Researchers have fabricated a nanowire that is 2.6nm long and shows an unusual increase in conductance as the wire gets longer.

Researchers have developed a novel dielectric elastomer film that can make a powerful actuator for use in artificial muscles.

For the first time, researchers have observed electrons flowing as vortices, or whirlpools, in a two-dimensional material.

Researchers have discovered the importance of a quantum phase transition known as the Anderson transition to thermoelectric materials.

A semiconductor membrane perforated with evenly spaced holes can function as a perfect scalable laser cavity that emits a single wavelength of light.

A new open-access paper examines some of the latest advances in wearable electronic devices being developed using electrospinning.

novel, two-dimensional, single-crystalline ‘holey’ graphyne synthesized in a bottom-up approach

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