Electronic properties news, December 2022

Nanoparticles add extra layer of security to anti-counterfeiting tags

metasurface that controls three different optical responses – phase, amplitude, and luminescence – is ideal for optical anti-counterfeiting tags

Starch solution to soft sensor waste

Researchers have developed a starch-based polymer that can be used to create a fully biodegradable soft material for sensors.

New electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries stops them catching fire

Chemically recycling PVC into usable material without using heat

Researchers have developed a scalable fabrication technique for producing ultrathin, lightweight solar cells that can be stuck onto any surface.

Researchers have synthesized ‘giant’ core-shell quantum dots with record-breaking emissive lifetimes.

Researchers have used a new nanoscope to investigate light-controlled supercondcutors at extreme scales of space, time and energy.

Researchers have shown that cationic nanomaterials can target specific areas of fat and inhibit the unhealthy storage of enlarged fat cells.

Researchers have developed an electrochemical method for recycling PVC that actually takes advantage of the toxic plasticizers in PVC.

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