Are you an early career researcher willing to review but you are not invited? First, learn what it takes to be a reviewer, the basics of the peer review process, and how to write a great review by taking the free ‘Fundamentals of Peer Review’ course on Researcher Academy:

Next, sign up to be an “Interested Reviewer” and become more visible to the editorial teams, by making your interest in reviewing for their journal known. Click on the link below for the journal you would like to peer review for and select ‘Review for Journal.’ Every time you accept a review invitation, you will receive a 30 day-complimentary access to Science DirectScopus, and Reaxys.

Please note if you have not already connected your Scopus profile, before volunteering to review, you will first need to sign in to Reviewer Hub, and connect your Scopus profile to your account (or double-check that the correct Scopus profile is linked). This allows you to be more easily discoverable by our editorial boards.

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