To celebrate the publication of a Special Issue of Physica C - Guest Edited by Professors Jorge Hirsch, Brian Maple (University of California, San Diego) and Frank Marsiglio (University of Alberta) - Materials Today is delighted to present an interview with the Editors on superconductivity.

Visit the Podcast page to listen to the interview today.

In the Special Issue, “Superconducting Materials: Conventional, Unconventional and Undetermined”, the Editors and Authors provide a comprehensive overview of the superconducting materials known to date, looking at 32 classes of superconducting materials, classified by the mechanism believed to give rise to superconductivity.

In our latest interview, Laurie Winkless spoke to the Guest Editors to find our more about their motivation for putting together the Issue, and the questions facing researchers working in superconductivity; as well as their individual research programs.

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