The goal for this meeting is to provide a well-organized international forum to review and stimulate progress from both research institutes and industry. The conferences will cover the entire spectrum of photovoltaics from materials to systems. The rapid improvement of perovskite solar cells has made them the rising star of the photovoltaics world and of huge interest to the academic community. Since their operational methods are still relatively new, there is great opportunity for further research in to the basic physics and chemistry around perovskites. As such the conference will have special session on “Perovskite Solar Cells”. Worldwide, the interest in photovoltaics as an energy technology as well as an industrial opportunity has increased significantly within the last few years and with the launch of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) has created a lot of interest in the India solar sector. To create demand and attract investment in the sector, the government is providing various incentives. . India has huge potential for solar PV and with the right policy support by the Indian Government; India can become a major player in the solar market globally.

The present Conference provides a platform to exchange knowledge about the latest scientific and industry results and to discuss the latest trends and developments in photovoltaics. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we invite you to submit an abstract on your latest achievements in photovoltaics research, development, and applications to “2nd International Conference on Solar Energy Photovoltaics”