Topic of conference

A: Thermoelectric Materials

Theory and experiment for thermoelectric materials, Chalcogenides, Skutterudites, Antimonides, Oxides,  Silicides & Heuster compound, Clathrates & Zintl compound, Novel and Nano material

B: Thermoelectric Devices and Applications

Theory and experiment for the thermoelectric devices and application, Bulk device, Thin film device, Cooling application, Generator application, Solder material

C: Optical, Optoelectronic Materials and Applications

Theory and experiment for optical, Optoelectronic Material, and Application, Glass, Crystal and application, Thin film and application, Ceramics material and application, Nanostructure material and application

D: Other Energy Materials

Theory and experiment for other energy materials, Piezoelectric, Ferroelectric, and Solar cell

E: Other Devices and Applications for Energy

Theory and experiment for other devices and application for energy, Piezoelectric device and application, Ferroelectric device and application, Solar cell device and application