International Conference on Nano-Technology in Energy, Nano-bio interface & Sustainable Environment (INTENSE-2017) will highlight cutting-edge advances in convergence of nanotechnology with materials, energy, nano-bio interface, sustainable environment, biology, medicine and beyond.

The event INTENSE-2017 will be inaugurated by Dr Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Distinguished Scientist & Director General(BrahMos), DRDO, Ministry of Defence and CEO&MD, BrahMos Aerospace.

The objective of INTENSE-2017 is to bring together some of the highly reputed national and international experts, young researchers, PhD students and research aspirant (UG and PG) to a common and vibrant techno-friendly platform and provide a podium for exchanges of scientific ideas and expertise among them. Furthermore, this conference will provide an opportunity to learn about current research status of convergence of nanotechnology with interdisciplinary thrust areas along with energy, nano-bio interface, and sustainable environment; wherein special emphasis will be given on the application and prospects of nanotechnology and allied sciences including biology and medicine.

This event will be of significant importance for all the faculty members and students to exchange scientific ideas with world’s front-runners. INTENSE-2017 will also provide an opportunity for national and international technical collaboration for cutting edge research in the area of Nanotechnology and allied sciences, which is one of the trust areas of Amity Universities. In addition, INTENSE-2017 will act as a catalyst for development of new relations/ventures/associations for institutions across India and abroad. This three-day event will feature recent findings from experts and researchers in the field of Nanotechnology, in the form of Keynote/Plenary/special/Invited lectures, oral presentations and interactive posters.