Man’s quest for survival is intertwined with his necessity to conserve the environment in which he lives. Effective and novel utilisation of energy along with the protection of environment is widely discussed in the current academic scenario. T.K.M. College of Arts and Science provide a platform for young minds to explore and investigate new vistas of the effective management of energy and environment. The departments of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics of T.K.M. College of Arts and Science proudly hosts an International Conference on Energy and Environment, focusing on the paradigms of conservation and effective utilisation of energy and environment (iCEE 2K19), from December 12th to 14th, 2019. The aim of iCEE 2K19 is to provide a platform for researchers, faculties, engineers, academicians, technologists, scientists, industrialists, environmentalists, and experts to showcase their novel research in the field of Energy and Environment. The conference has special thematic sections on the recent advances in interdisciplinary research on the generation, storage, conversion and efficient utilization of energy. The conference also highlights biomaterials and advanced nanomaterials on the control and prevention of pollution.

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