The future energy landscape will be characterized by a complex mix of technologies generating, transmitting, distributing and storing energy. These technologies will range from larger scale installations such as nuclear power stations and offshore wind farms, to smaller scale installations such as wind, biomass, solar, hydro, combined heat and power, and energy from waste etc. This second group of generating systems will be much more localized in its operation and, potentially, the communities that the systems serve. This will bring both benefits and challenges not present in traditional generating systems.

The challenge will be to match the development of innovative, and most likely disruptive, localized energy systems with the multi-faceted needs of the communities in which the systems will be resident through the wider transmission and distribution network to the large-scale generation operators. This conference will look at four of the main parts of the UK's future localized energy system namely: power generation; future cities; future transport and transport systems and data integration and security. The afternoon will focus on public perception issues and funding opportunities.


  • To provide an update on what the UK must do to stimulate the cross-sectorial innovation needed in this arena
  • To hear from major stakeholders from various sectors on their strategy for: the implementation and integration of localized energy
  • To hear plans for what the future localized energy system in the UK may look like
  • To discuss the risks and socio/techno/economic issues that need to be addressed to ensure that the most appropriate localized energy systems are developed and adopted