The NuMat organizing committee wishes to announce the third meeting in the series will be held at Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA in 2014. This preeminent nuclear materials conference created in association with The Journal of Nuclear Materials serves as a forum for presentation of high impact research results related to nearly all aspects of nuclear materials science including topics related to fission and fusion reactors and the overall nuclear fuel cycle. As with previous conferences, NuMat 2014 will combine eight topic tracks in four parallel sessions. The topic tracks are as follows:

2014 Topic Tracks:

  • Thermodynamics and Thermophysics of Nuclear Fuel and Materials (TNF and ST2NM)
  • Materials Modelling and Simulation of Nuclear Fuels (MMSNF)
  • Radiation Stability of Complex Microstructures (RSCM)
  • Molten Salts for Nuclear Applications (MSNA)
  • Structural and Functional Materials for Fission and Fusion Reactors (SFMFR)
  • Structural Materials Modeling and Simulation (SMMS)
  • Fuels Behavior under Neutron Irradiation, Post Irradiation Examination, Advanced Instrumentation and Characterization Techniques, and Stored Fuel Behavior
  • Behavior of Materials During Severe Accidents and Accident Tolerant Fuels

The organizers encourage scientists involved in experimental and theoretical studies to participate, particularly in studies aimed at understanding fundamental properties of nuclear fuels and materials under irradiation.