Manganese oxide based catalysts were synthesised in the form of nano-particles using a redox reaction of MnSO4 and KMnO4, housed into the pores of a carbon matrix and followed by a thermal treatment. Particle sizes of the manganese oxide nanocatalysts were around 50 nm, based on the tunnelling electron microscope measurement. They were uniformly distributed in the carbon matrix, which contributed to an improved electrical connection among the catalyst and current collectors. The charge/discharge tests using this material as the cathode material in a rechargeable lithium–air battery showed high discharge capacities up to 4750 mAh (g carbon)−1. The cycle ability of the composite electrode was superior to those of the commercial electrolytic manganese dioxide electrodes.

This paper was originally published in the Journal of Power Sources (2010) 195, 1370–1374.

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