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Energy news, May 2016

Light has healing effect on perovskite films

Scientists have found that certain defects in perovskite films can be healed by illuminating the films with intense light.

Scientists have discovered a new soluble catalyst material that can help expand the capacity of lithium-air batteries.

Metal-organic frameworks can remove the contaminant acetylene from ethylene, allowing it to be converted into polyethylene.

Sandwiching graphene between two layers of boron nitride produces a 'superlattice' that allows a single photon to excite multiple electrons.

Scientists have discovered that the degradation of perovskite solar cells in sunlight is reduced at low temperatures and reversed in the dark.

Using metamaterials, researchers have developed a system that can efficiently transfer electrical energy between two separated circuits.

A novel electron microscopy technique can visualize the nanoscale structural changes that occur in battery materials during discharge.

A new material can cool a solar cell by up to 13°C while still allowing it to absorb the same amount of light, increasing its conversion efficiency.

Scientists have found that the key to fast ion conduction in a solid electrolyte are tiny features that maximize ion transport pathways.

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