Energy Storage Materials 2016 Best Paper Award and Most Cited Paper Award

Energy Storage Materials is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Best Paper Award and Most Cited Paper Award.

Jijeesh R. Nair, Federico Bella, Natarajan Angulakshmi, Arul Manuel Stephan and Claudio Gerbaldi have been awarded the 2016 Best Paper award for their paper "Nanocellulose-laden composite polymer electrolytes for high performing lithium-sulphur batteries", (Energy Storage Materials, 3, 2016, pages 69-76).

And the award for the Most Cited Paper goes to Jia Qi Huang, Qiang Zhang and Fei Wei for their paper "Multi-functional separator/interlayer system for high-stable lithium-sulfur batteries: Progress and prospects, "(Energy Storage Materials 1,  2015, Pages 127-145.

Our warm congratulations to our winners!