In the second of the three-part Hysitron Webinar Series, we continue our examination of a rapidly expanding and “hot-topic” area of research: Energy.

The world continues to increase its demand for innovation in energy research, which is supported by increased government spending on energy and a rising number of worldwide researchers focusing efforts in this area. Many energy-related research initiatives inherently require small-scale material analysis due to the micro- and nano-scale feature sizes in new and improved materials for energy innovation. This three-part webinar series will cover a variety of current research projects focused on energy studies encompassing nanomechanical testing techniques.

Key energy-related topics include:

  • Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Silicon
  • Batteries, Fuel Cells
  • Lightweight materials (steels, aluminum, alloys, etc.)
  • Fuel rods, nuclear materials, irradiated materials
  • Electrochemistry and solid-state energy applications
  • Biofuels

Discover first hand what Hysitron’s techniques can do to expand your research and development capabilities in this complimentary educational webinar series. See how Hysitron is redefining the world of nanomechanical testing for energy-related research.

Part III: Irradiated Materials, took place on 24th February 2011. You can register to view this event here.