Unlike typical technical conferences, the successful EuroHM (EPMA Hard Materials Group) ‘review seminars’, termed ‘Summerevs’ or ‘Wintererevs’ according to the time of year, are designed as much for discussion as for presentations. Each event has a theme and for the obvious reason is termed Summerev when hosted during the summer in northern Europe and Winterev, in winter, when in the south.

Presentations tend to be of particularly high standard, though never published as formal proceedings. However, discussion by those attending may well lead to expanded or revised versions appearing at major conferences in following months and years.

Hosted by KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, the 2018 EuroHM Summerev had as its theme the complex topic of heterogeneity in hardmetals.

Although this selective review may be the only published textual version of the meeting, it includes only selected presentations and is not intended to be a comprehensive account. Readers can find the full roster of available presentations on the EuroHM pages of the EPMA website.

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