By Kari Williamson

“We know that noise and stopping power are the key causes for customer comebacks,” says Advance Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing Charles Tyson.

“Wearever Platinum is specifically engineered to address those issues. As with all our products, Wearever Platinum brake pads underwent strenuous testing, in this case, from the largest independent friction-testing lab in the world, and performed extremely well.”

The ceramic brake pads feature SoundLock Plus technology, which uses a four-layer shim, designed specifically for silent braking. Its diamond-patterned outer rubber layer locks in sound, premium-grade inner steel adds rigidity, a second inner rubber layer further suppresses noise and an acrylic adhesive layer absorbs vibration.

Independent third-party testing has shown that Wearever Platinum pads’ commercial grade ceramic friction formula allows for faster stopping power than other leading brands. The Platinum pads also feature a new formula for significant dust reduction, CleanestWheelTechnology.