The PComP nanocomposite cermet coatings incorporate solid lubricant and other ceramic nanoparticles and are reportedly hard and durable, applied using high-velocity oxy-flame (HVOF) thermal spray. They can be used to protect metal parts from wear and corrosion in extreme environments, such as those encountered in the oil and gas industry.

 Mesocoat claims that the coatings provide up to 10 times the life of carbide and hard chrome coatings in sliding wear applications because of extremely low coefficients of friction combined with high hardness. The
nanocomposite coatings also offer improvements in ductility, toughness and spallation resistance when compared to ceramic coatings such as diamond-like carbon, tungsten carbide, or alumina-ceramic.
They are also easier and faster to apply and grind than conventional, larger grain size coating materials, the company says.

In September Abakan Inc, a Miami-based coatings specialist, agreed to acquire a 41% holding in Mesocoat from leading shareholder, Powdermet Inc of Ohio.