A report from Coherent Market Research suggests that the ceramic coatings market, particular for automotive, could reach US$14,536 million in 2027.

The market was estimated at US$ 8,463 million and 1,483.9 kilo tons volume by the end of 2019.

The automotive segment dominated the global high-performance ceramic coating market, accounting for 28.2% share in terms of value, followed by aviation, and chemical equipment, respectively, while thermal spray coating accounted for a 64.6% share in terms of value followed by chemical vapor deposition and physical vapor deposition segment, respectively.

According to Coherent, market growth will be propelled by the automotive industry requiring coatings that can withstand elevated temperatures and act as thermal barriers. There is also reportedly a demand for ceramic coatings from the healthcare industry.

However, market growth could be slowed due to issues with reliability Challenges ininin the thermal spray process and improper adhesion of the ceramic coatings on substrate materials and equipment, the report suggests.

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