Coated and uncoated TSP material.
Coated and uncoated TSP material.

The company says that the material could increase the life of drilling tools operating in highly abrasive environments by up to 10 times and cut the cost of drilling operations.

Hardide-D, supplied by coatings innovator Hardide Coatings is suitable for brazing, extreme loads and aggressive media. 

Cutting & Wear in-house wear tests suggest shown that the new TSP Xtreme inserts give a 200 times improvement over solely tungsten carbide inserts. They can be applied on downhole tools that need gauge protection such as stabilizers, bent housings, logging while drilling tools, rotary steerable tools and downhole motor bearings.

Chemical bonding

‘Diamonds are notoriously difficult to attach and are prone to oxidation and graphitisation, limiting their use in hardfacing,’ said Philip Kirkham, CEO of Hardide Coatings. ‘Previous attempts to solve these problems have been unsuccessful due to the porosity of other coatings and their weak adhesion to the diamonds.

‘Hardide-D overcomes these hurdles as a pore-free tungsten carbide-based adhesive and protective coating which chemically bonds to diamond and has good wettability with brazing alloys.’