In the partnership, Kerafol will contribute its specialized knowledge of scandium-doped electrolytes and H C Starck will supply its expertise in electrode manufacturing to the partnership.

The scandium-doped zirconia used in these fuel cells is highly conductive, and scandium-doped solid oxide fuel cells have the highest output potential of all electrolyte-supported fuel cells (ESC). The new cells make it possible to manufacture SOFC stacks and systems with improved performance and a long service life. Scandium-doped cells are particularly suited for use with interconnectors which contain a high percentage of chromium (CrFe5Y). The cells will be marketed under the product name ESC 10.
“I am extremely pleased that thanks to H C Starck and Kerafol bundling their fuel cell expertise, we were able to develop this new, promising fuel cell product in such a short period of time,” said Dr Andreas Sieverdingbeck, president of H C Starck.