By Kari Williamson

H.C. Starck was recognised for its excellence in manufacturing execution and implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and a Sustainable Energy Management system, as well as the benefits from going 'green'.

Going green means total compliance with local, state, Federal, and international environmental regulations.

In addition, H.C. Starck's materials contribute to the energy efficiencies of electronic devices such as smart phones, tablet PCs, and HDTVs, fuel efficiency of airplanes, and green energy generation by solar panels.

A joint venture to develop and manufacture cathode materials for high-performance lithium-ion batteries to power electric cars ranks high on its list of green initiatives.

"We are honoured to receive this award in Euclid for the second year. Since 2011, H. C. Starck has increased its involvement in environmentally friendly technologies such as solar power, green energy generation and transmission, and energy-efficient lighting such as LED," says Dmitry Shashkov, President and CEO of H.C. Starck's Fabricated Products business segment.

"This award reflects our ongoing commitment to both our employees and communities, as well as to larger environmental issues that H.C. Starck products can help address."

H.C. Starck benefited from its green initiatives when it was certified as a Sony Green Partner in 2011 for having an Environmental Quality Assurance System in place to meet Sony's strict international environmental standards.

H.C. Starck is a global supplier of refractory metals and technical ceramics.