The new Cimtech synthetic fluids are based on lubricant blends that can help increase productivity without resorting to chlorine or other high levels of extreme pressure additives.

“These fluids work best when really pushed to the limit,” said Tina Hunter, Cimcool automotive product manger. “The performance of these fluids is significantly better. They have outperformed some popular heavy-duty, sulpho-chlorinated oils by up to 300%.”

The new products include Cimtech 627, a water-based synthetic fluid for use in heavy-duty machining and grinding of exotic alloys. It reportedly offers up to 65% savings compared to comparable conventional fluids. Cimtech 609-E reduced chatter and decreased wheel loading, and can be used in hardmetal valve grinding. Cimtech 610 is a blend of Milacron Synthetic Lubricants and is suitable for titanium and aluminium alloys. It says that the lower cutting forces can provide tool savings up to 200%. Cimtech 612NF is suitable for machining high-silicon aluminium alloys, and it can also be used on some ferrous grinding and machining applications.