The coolant flows from the pump to the tool through nozzles directed exactly at the cutting zone. This produces a wedge of coolant that removes the heat from the cutting zone and forms the chip. Improved chip control and longer tool life help provide secure, predictable machining while preventing unplanned machine stoppages. Increased productivity can thus be achieved in tricky applications and in materials which are difficult to machine.

Sandvik Coromant says that its new HP holders outperform regular tool holders which can have a tendency to flood coolant when using low pressure of 5–30 bars (72–435 psi). At higher coolant pressures, above ~30 bars (435 psi), the new insert geometry collects the coolant jets to form an wedge that breaks the chips, cools the insert and improves the insert tool life.

Previously, Sandvik Coromant’s tool holders were used with Coromant Capto, SL- and QS holding system. Now the technology can be used with general shank tools.

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