Kennametal makes productivity intelligent

The program is a new set of digital tools that offer tool selection, tool configuration, and the best applicable tooling advice based on the user´s part and process requirements, along with CAD models, complete assembly lists and automated job report functionality. NOVO accomplishes in minutes what can take hours, making use of Kennametal expertise, the company says.

“This is a huge leap beyond simply providing a digital version of the tool and its physical properties,” claimed John Jacko, vice president & chief marketing officer at Kennametal. “With NOVO´s embedded intelligence in application engineering and process planning, Kennametal and our partners are opening the path to a completely connected digital art-to-part-to-profit process. NOVO is a big step in bringing such a vision to reality.”

NOVO integrates the application engineering and production experience of Kennametal´s 75-year history.  “This is the true integration of our knowledge with our customers,” said Francois Gau, vice president, strategic marketing and new business development. “Simply put, NOVO is a process enabler - a true digital assistant with data-rich machining strategies that starts working from the moment you receive a parts drawing. With a refined and intuitive tool advisor, tool selector, and tool configurator, everything down the line gets more efficient – from parts quoting through programming, presetting, and production. The result is the absolute assurance you have the right tool to do the job.”

NOVO is delivered via the Machining Cloud and stands alongside such Web-available solutions as MTConnect for data gathering and ISO 13399 for standardizing tool data. Users can access NOVO via a PC application, while a tablet version will be available later in the Autumn. 

Kennametal plans for  NOVO to be integrated with major CAD/CAM packages and machine tool CNC controls, so designers or programmers will have instant access to Kennametal knowledge at the touch of a button without having to leave their function.