The cutters are suitable for pocketing, profiling, ramping, and plunging with up to 1 mm fz.

All KSRM inserts offer up to eight indexable positions and have been designed with a high positive rake angle and stronger cutting edges for lower cutting forces when machining titanium.

KSRM inserts are available in 12 mm and 16 mm diameters for KSRM face mills and screw-on, Weldon, and cylindrical KSRM end mills. These diameters are offered in Kennametal's SGE and ELE insert styles. SGE inserts are designed for medium and heavy milling tasks, whereas ELE inserts should be used at low cutting forces and to avoid edge build-up.

A 20 mm diameter insert also is available for compatible KSRM face mill models. These inserts are offered in three styles. ELF inserts are designed for low cutting forces to avoid edge build-up. SGF and SHF inserts are for general purpose and heavy-duty roughing applications, respectively.

KSRM tool bodies are offered in a range of internally cooled face mill and end mill styles with pocketing, ramping, plunging, and helical interpolation capabilities.