By Kari Williamson

The show will focus on how recent developments in magnetic materials and related technologies are impacting product and system performance for a variety of industries and applications.

Magnetics 2012 Sessions include:

  • The Uncertain Future of the Permanent Magnet Industry
  • Rare Earths and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • After the Storm: How the USMMA Sees the Future of the US Magnet Industry
  • Molycorp Update: Phoenix Rising
  • Rare Earth Crisis Dissected: Calculating the Future
  • Efficient Use of Rare-Earth Materials - A New Challenge for Designers
  • The Metallurgy of Rare Earth Recycling
  • Cost Effective Drivetrains for Multi-Megawatt Wind Turbines with Medium-Speed Permanent Magnet Generators
  • Superconducting Rotating Machines – Opportunities & Challenges
  • High Electrical Resistivity Permanent Magnets for Advanced Motors and Generators
  • Magnetic Modeling, Simulation and Analysis for Space Applications
  • Magnetic and Magnet Materials Related to High-Field Magnets

The Magnetics Conference will again be co-located with the Motor, Drive & Automation Systems Conference. Attendees to either event will have access to the combined exhibit halls and networking breaks, receptions and luncheons. And for a nominal additional fee, attendees can have access to both conference programmes.