Curiosity Self-Portrait at ‘Mojave’ Site on Mount Sharp (Image: NASA/JPL)
Curiosity Self-Portrait at ‘Mojave’ Site on Mount Sharp (Image: NASA/JPL)

Motion control and piezo systems expert Physik Instrumente (PI) LP has introduced a new line of round multilayer actuators in its proprietary PICMA ceramic series. 

It has also expanded its current line of rings and round chips with larger dimensions. The actuators are suitable for industry and research, including laser tuner, micro-dispensing, and life sciences.

The P-088 circular series PICMA piezo actuators, chips and tubular stacks complement the family of square PICMA®actuators that are currently being used on the Mars Rover Science Lab after surviving 100 billion cycles of stress testing by NASA/JPL. The new actuators are based on the same multilayer and ceramic encapsulation process, and can be stacked from smaller segments to allow even faster adaptation for OEM needs with a short delivery time. They have a low operating voltage and resonant frequency up to 68kHz and are available in a variety of shapes and with different options, including UHV compatible versions with solderable contacts.

PICMA ceramic technology is applied to the PD0xx series of miniature annular PZT chips with outer diameters from 5 mm to 16 mm and inner diameters of 2.5 mm to 8 mm. The largest diameter, 16mm, delivers 6000N (1300lbs) of blocking force in circular form and 4400N in annular shape. Travel range of 2µm is achieved at 100V. PICMA technology integrates ceramic insulation that is polymer-free, humidity resistant, and able to tolerate a temperature range of -20 to 80 C.

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