The new material possesses excellent bullet-proofing qualities, and ballistic tests has proved its unequalled ability to stop armour-piercing bullets, according to Exote.

Exote says that the new material is a more ecological alternative to WC Co, which contains tungsten carbide and cobalt, both of which are defined by the EU as critical and, in the case of cobalt, dangerous to human health. 

The material withstands high temperatures and has high-level strength and durability, Exote claims. The metal is ideal for the manufacture of crusher blades and shear cutters, as well as exacting product tools. In ballistic protection it can be used for both personal and vehicle protection. 

VTT and Exote Ltd have carried out further development on the material Exote has in production through the use of nano additives, which enable changing its toughness and hardness according to intended use.