Msg's spindle is designed to deliver as much as 2,600 Nm (1,918 foot-pounds) of torque to increase metal removal rates on large workpieces made of hard materials, such as titanium, Inconel and Carpenter 465. Developed for the aerospace, energy and heavy-equipment industries, the T-Rex spindle is engineered with 130 mm (5.1 in) ID bearings to accommodate 42.3 kN (9,500 lb) of cutting thrust capability of the 1250/1600 HMCs. The spindle is currently available on four-axis machines, configured with 80 kW (107.3 hp) driving power and two speed ranges up to 5,000 rpm.
The HMCs are engineered to machine pumps, valves, turbines, off-road equipment, and rail and aerospace parts quickly. Major components, including the X bed and Z bed and column, are cast ductile iron. The 360,000-position, full-contouring rotary table features a worm gear drive and clamp to securely hold axis position for a rigid work platform. Rotary table positioning accuracy is 10 arcseconds, repeatable to 5 arcseconds.
Linear-scale feedback in the X, Y and Z axes provide 8 micron (0.0003 in) positioning accuracy and 5 micron (0.0002 in) repeatability. According to the company, hardened and ground roller guideways enable a rapid traverse rate of 40 m/min (1,575 ipm) with high acceleration/deceleration rates, increased the load capacity, and increased wear life compared to ball-type ways.