Hardmetal and tooling specialist Sandvik highlighted the company’s digital activities during an event at its headquarters in May 2019.

According to Petra Sundström, head of digital business said that digital technologies we see today, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, work as a glue that connects several different areas.

‘What I mean is that before we basically could produce hardware – unique and highly skilled products – and then we could leave them with the customers,’ she said. ‘Now we must keep doing that, and at the same time understand that the products need to tie in to services, to aftermarket, to brands, to customers and to a lot of different stakeholders.’

Magnus Ekbäck, vice president at Sandvik Coromant discussed the increased use of sensors, improved connectivity and an increased demand for data in the decision-making process. ‘These three factors are important in explaining the automation of the manufacturing industry that we see today; they are the enablers,’ he said.

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