The group’s second quarter report showed an operating result improved to SEK 3.5 billion and the operating margin rose to 17%. Order intake exceeded invoiced sales by SEK 2.5 billion. High activity levels in the energy segment and growth in order intake from, among others, the automotive, mining, engineering and process industries contributed to this rise. There was a noticeable rise in demand from the mining industry, both within the aftermarket segment and for machinery and equipment. Order intake from the aerospace industry was stable, while in the construction industry there was a slight improvement in market conditions, from low levels.

Order intake also remained strong in Asia and improved in other markets including Europe, where the recovery was weaker than in other parts of the world, but was higher in Northern Europe than in southern regions.
“It is satisfying to note that the market situation continued to improve in the second quarter. The operating margin was roughly on par with the level reported in the second quarter of 2008, despite the fact that invoicing was about 20% lower,” said Pettersson. “The improved result was primarily generated by enhanced internal efficiency combined with higher sales and production volumes.”