The CTDIA02 saw tip.
The CTDIA02 saw tip.

The various layers allow the cutting edge radius to remain the same during the entire sawing operation. This is possible thanks to the self-sharpening effect. In this way, the cutting edge is not honed but only slightly changes its position remaining consistently sharp.

In one example, cutting an MDF particle board, the saw tip cut 250 km, surpassing the performance of conventional equivalents. The special layer structure also protects the PCD against edge-chipping. This, together with the consistent edge radius, provides a uniform quality of the cut workpiece surface even when the cutting length is increased. Compared to high-quality carbide saw tips, operation costs are even reduced by around 60%.

"It was our goal to develop a product which achieves long tool life but does not simultaneously cause any higher costs," said Dr Michael Magin, development manager for wood&stone machining at Ceratizit. CTDIA02 is suitable for brazing and grinding.
In cooperation with a grinding wheel producer, Ceratizit also determined how the best grinding result can be achieved on the saw tip. 

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