SINTX Technologies, which makes silicon nitride ceramic for medical and non-medical applications, has filed multiple US and international patent applications to develop new technologies using the company’s silicon nitride.

The patent applications largely relate to the development of antipathogenic and/or osteogenic composite systems, methods, devices, and surface coatings, according to the company. The technologies can be applied in antipathogenic devices such as face masks and filters, or in medical devices such as orthopedic, wound care dressings, and dental implants.

The following expand on several existing antipathogenic and coating-technology patent applications:

  • Systems and methods for rapid inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 by silicon nitride, copper and aluminum nitride
  • Antipathogenic composites and devices and methods of use thereof
  • Antipathogenic face mask
  • Systems and methods for physical vapor deposition of silicon nitride coatings having antimicrobial and osteogenic enhancements
  • Methods of silicon nitride laser cladding
  • Methods for laser coating of silicon nitride on a metal substrate

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